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Feel free to download the tracks made available here. Enjoy!

It’s these magic moments that I’m living for
LP (niesom 2004)
Re-release on svc-records soon!

1. My blow up doll
2. Get me some loving mp3
3. Run with me
4. Come on boy, stop your crying!
5. Never work (Viva Paul Lafargue)
6. Last night mp3
7. Chasing my fears mp3
8. Isn’t it great to fall in love
9. A requiem
10. White flag mp3
11. I've seen the future
12. Call to arms
13. Love is a wonderful thing
14. Do you remember the days?
15. I regret
16. Still I love you
17. After all life can be so wonderful
18. When your love is gone

Marek I Vazek
cooperation with ekw 14,90 as part of the art- project “Die Szene sind Wir” (Forum Stadtpark, 2005) All tracks were instant compositions within the project- week. Recorded lowest-fi on minidisc.

1. tanzbaer mit fisch
2. oppel mp3
3. devil inside mp3
4. mahony
5. ttt

Tracks from a room II
EP (self released 2003)
1. [ai] [l^v] [ju:]
2. marc bolan’s dancing dog
3. my love: so strong
4. my love: so strong (kraut edit)

Tracks from a room I
EP (self released 2003)
1. disco! mp3
2. don’t try too
3. remember? mp3

Marek meets: The Experimental Jet Set
(self released 2003)
1. those nights with bree
2. symphony
3. the experiment mp3

Compilations ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Megaphon in Ton
(megaphon, 2006)

Sonntags Abstrakt
Kompilation 04
(KIM, 2004)

by ekw 14,90 – DoLP
(niesom, 2004)

Remix-contribution: get out of youtr stretch jeans, honey!

Mrs. Lee’s Christmas-Sampler pt.2
(mrs. Lee, 2001)

as Mr. M: rudolf the reindeer

Mrs. Lee’s Christmas-Sampler pt.1
(mrs. Lee, 2000)

as Mr. M: frohes fest

Wo fliegen sie hin?
(Diletant music, 1997)
Very, very rare tape!!

as sonntagskunst:
1. irgendwo da draußen
2. anyone