"When I wrote a review on Marek's album "It's these magic moments that I'm living for" in 2006 it was an easy task. Despite the depth of the compositions I found appropriate words descriptively grasping their essence. Three years later I am left without language standing in front of a closed gate. The gate recalls the guarded gate in Kafka's well known story "Before th law" in The Trial, in which a countryman is denied entry for his whole lifetime. However, there is something I privily know: If I really want to, I can enter. Towards wisdom, acknowledging the cosmic laws. It seems one step would be enough. It is just the fear of the arduous march, of the behind, which paralyzes me. It is not the right time to judge Marek's creations. My desire for understanding (... this may not be the right choice of method anway...) has to pause. Still I hope to catch the signs when the time is ripe."

Vladimir E. Koskev, summer 2009